Glass Mess

This should have a subtitle: Or, why I am not a neat person.

I have never been a neat person. Even in my 30s, my bedroom is about as clean as a teenagers, and my living room alternates between “looks pretty decent” and “bomb has gone off.”

The same mess surrounds my glass workshop. I could make a pretentious comment about how artists need mess to create, but that’s most likely bullshit, so I won’t.

I’m just a messy person. That’s all.

I haven’t touched my glass much for the last few months. Between getting sick in February, the surgery and recovery, and later lots of work, I just haven’t had time. I have an awesome piece waiting for me to slump it in the kiln, and have been thinking about doing some edgework this summer. To do that, I need to clean up.

Here’s my glass workshop before I started. No, I don’t know why there’s a ghost glow at the bottom, it was a yellow box and 2 white ice cube trays.

Glass Workshop - Before


Here’s my worktable midway through the process. Yes, midway through, it was worse before. That’s my old computer desk from college, a sturdy kitchen table.

Workshop Table - Partway Through


Same table, after I cleaned most of it.

Workshop Table - Before


The shelving and counter space where I keep frit (ground glass), finished projects, part sheets, and other goodies. Left side of the first photo, although you can barely see it
Counter - After

And finally, bonus glass! I had forgotten I made this. It’s based off a request I had for an ashtray from a guy who worked for the lumpers at a place I delivered to. I want to make a few more, the shattered glass with dicro is pretty.

I forgot I made this

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  1. Wow, I’d love to work with glass. When I was in grade 8 I got a chance to do a stained glass workshop and I loved it! But I have small kids so no matter how careful I was, I don’t think it would be safe. Now that you’ve cleaned up your space, I hope you post more of your projects.

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