Glass Pokeball (Flat piece)

A year ago, for Christmas 2012, Pet gave me a circle cutter. It’s what I really, really wanted, because cutting circles is really difficult without a circle cutter. I immediately went circle mad, and cut a bunch of circles. Big, little, I even made a few bowls out of them.

I don’t really remember what prompted me to want to make a Pokemon pokeball, but I had the colours out. So I cut one out. I didn’t do a great job, white is damn hard to cut out. So it broke a bit, but I was going to use it. You’ll see where it broke in the photo.

And it sat there. For a year. I finally got the energy to cast the white ring in the center earlier this week, because I’ve been fusing and slumping and casting like a woman possessed. So I tack fused the whole piece, and here it is.

A a tack fused glass Pokeball, about 8 inches across.


Looks pretty spiff, doesn’t it? I know a pokeball sometimes has another white dot in the center, but until I cast using my other Colour de Verre mold, I didn’t realize I could cast a white dot. That mold was casting aventurine blue beads and cabs anyway, so it was busy.

What do you think? Think I should make a full set of pokeballs for fun this summer?