I Have The Attention Span of a Goldfish

I have a short attention span. I didn’t used to, but the more time I spend on the computer, the more I find that I can focus great for only a little while before I find some tangent to go wander off with. Sometimes it gets really, really aggravating.

I realized exactly how scattered I’ve gotten in the last year when I went looking for some PLR that I’d downloaded. If you’re not familiar with PLR, it stands for public label rights, and it’s pre-written articles on topics that you can post online as your own, rewrite, or compile into books or other useful things. I’d just started work on a new site, and I wanted some of the PLR I’d downloaded so I could use it after I rewrote it.

I found an ebook that I’d downloaded this spring, about creating $5 a day niche websites. I’d downloaded it, glanced at it, and then promptly ignored it. And after I read it, I ditched my article hunt and decided to work on what the ebook suggested.

That’s when I realized that I’m not very good at following up on projects, because I keep getting sidetracked. I took a look at the series of programs I’ve purchased over the past year, and realized that I have a whole mess of options at my fingertips that I’m not even looking at. And it made me both sad, and a little pissed at myself. Why have I spent money, or time, and gotten these online marketing options, if I’m not going to use them?

So, I have a new plan, and I hope I can stick to it. I am going to catalog every system I have, either I’ve downloaded for free, or purchased, and I’m going to review it, so you know what kinds of systems are out there. And then, I’m going to take and apply myself to ONE task at a time, with each of these systems, and complete it. That means finishing 1 niche blog, One $5 a day site, one Auto Blog, One Article marketing experiment, and one of every other program I’ve picked up.

And I’m going to keep track of these projects: how much they make per month, what sort of return on investment they have, how much time it takes to set them up, etc etc. Basically, I want to see what’s working and what’s not, and what’s going to net me the best return for my money. There’s no sense in spending 300 hours on a niche blog if I’m going to see less of a return than a 4 hour Halloween website, or a 10 hour auto blog. So, we’ll see how it works out.