Happy Tails

I’m stuck up in the greater Seattle area tonight, trapped in Rosie until I deliver at o ‘dark thirty. There are some benefits though, such as a couple good places to eat, and for a change, 4G internet on my phone. So I’m not without the Internet to entertain me tonight.

But, by far the best thing to come out of my unexpected exile? This happy girl.

Large black dog with brown feet and muzzle, wearing a red bandana


When I was walking into the truck stop, I saw her, and I wondered if she was a stray, it’s not uncommon to see dogs hanging around truck stops. But she looked healthy and happy, and that’s uncommon in strays.

When I came out, she was following a driver over to the truck stop. He had a book in his hand, and I joked that he had an admirer. Turns out she’s his dog, and she’s 10 years old. She looks good for her age, happy and sassy and well fed.

I never did get her name, but she was friendly, and I was able to love on her, and scratch her for several minutes. That prompted another driver to remark that she liked me.

Even though I’m almost 4 hours from home, and from Kody and Sassy, and Mozzie, at least I got an animal fix today.


6 thoughts on “Happy Tails

  1. umm I was gonna comment then I realized your web site already knows who I am… scarey if it wasn’t your page dear. looks like a happy pup! love ya toots!
    yo momma

  2. Long time..no…comment? lol I wouldn’t mind being ‘stuck’ in Seattle! How is the truck driving life? My husband is interested in it but I don’t know if I could handle him being gone (although I am an 11 year army wife so I should be used to it) all the time though.

    -Zefaniya (Follow me #10)

  3. Awe! That’s nice to get some love from a fluffy new friend. What a great travel companion. Seems like a cool life on the road just you and your dog trucking along with a cool handle like “Trucker Jack and Fluffy” haha Great blog! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    TangoAlphaMike Blog Comment Hop #1

  4. awwwwwh such a lovely story and the dog is cute.that would cher me up any day if i was greeting by a dog =)

    x x x loulou x x x

    follow me #10 swap

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