Happy Turkey Day!

Wishing you all a Happy Turkey Day! May you have many things this year to be thankful for, and many for next year as well.

Wild turkey

I used to have a different picture up here, but it appears that the person I purchased it from on Fiverr stole it from somewhere else. So now we get a wild turkey instead.

3 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day!

  1. Hello – sorry that my first comment didn’t show up, for the swap-bot Follow Me swap!

    My Dad drove tractor trailers for awhile when I was in high school, and i got to go along on a couple of trips. To be honest, he was not the world’s most competent driver (well, he was learning at 50 years old!) but it was fun to see parts of North America that most tourists never know about!

    I’ve bookmarked your onion garlic cheese bread – I’ve tried a couple of times to make bread by hand myself, it hasn’t worked all that well – I always seem to need to add a whole bunch of water to make the dough workable – but I’m still collecting new recipes to have my next go!

  2. hi, Im from blog comment (3) and I have to say I love this drawing! its so cute! I like it when a drawing interact with real live! its sooo cool! greetings serafina145

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