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Like I said in this post, I’m not big on making resolutions. I tend to forget them, or get behind, and decide that I will never catch up, and give up all together.

But, I need to set some goals, because I turn 32 this year, and well, I can’t keep running in circles. So, here are some health improvement goals:


Lose weight: I know, this is everyone’s goal right about this time. It’s been my goal for over a year now, but it’s really hard to keep. I’m down about 13 pounds from my DOT physical in April 2009, but that’s not very much. I really need to lose about 80 pounds. However, “Lose 80 pounds” is a hugely daunting task, and I tried this one: I gave up after losing 16, and then I put 10 of it back.

So, my goal is going to be to be under 200 pounds by Blizzcon. If I can’t make Blizzcon, then I will do it by the end of the year. That’s not a huge goal, but it’s obtainable.

Build Endurance: I live in a canyon, and walking up the hill to get the mail puts me out of breath. Part of my problem is because I have asthma, and I hate asthma attacks, so I avoid exercise. I can’t keep doing this though, because if walking up a small hill puts me out of breath now, what’s going to do it in a few years? is climbing the stairs going to wind me?

That’s embarrassing. So, the goal is to be able to not only walk up the hill to get the mail without getting winded, but to do it at a decent pace. What’s decent? Hell, I don’t know, anything faster than now.

Find out my Cholesterol: I had it checked in high school, and it was super low, but I have no idea what it is now. My health assessment for insurance asks, but I don’t know. And I’m realizing if I don’t know, how can I keep it in check? I’m at risk for diabetes and heart disease, and now is the time to make changes so they don’t happen. It’s better to try and prevent problems now, than learn to live with them later.

Take Vitamins: I’ve been taking vitamins off and on for years now, and I’ve found when I take them, I feel better. The problem is it’s really easy to get out of practice with taking them. You skip a day, and a day becomes 2 or 3, and then you’re up to missing weeks, and weeks turn into a month, and then it’s a case of “Why bother?”

I have a very good reason to both: my 81 year old grandmother has been taking vitamins since she was young, and she’s still reasonably healthy and with it. So, I need to get in the habit, especially since my nutrition has suffered for the last 5 years, or more.

Work out more: I think working out more will help with goals 1 and 2. I have some weights, and I’m going to get a workout dvd or two, and see if I can fit them in a couple times a week.


None of these are set in stone, I’m just trying to set up some goals so I’ll be accountable to myself. I realize not many people read this, but it gives the appearance that there are people I’m being held accountable to, so in my mind, it might work. Notice none of these are real strenuous; I know the moment I over set a goal, everything is going to fall apart.


By the way, if it’s 2012 and you’re reading this, do me a favor and post a comment, asking how I’m keeping up with things? It might motivate me if I’m slipping.


5 thoughts on “Health Improvements

  1. Love Comment Blog ♥ (9) Swap (3/3) Piimanyx

    It’s true ! Making resolutions it’s hard >< !
    I take resolutions every day but I forget them every day too xD !

  2. These are some really great goals, I hope that it has been going really great for you and that you are reaching them. If you are – you go girl. Trying to be healthy can be so difficult now in a world of convenience food and all those other . Your a better woman than I am.. 🙂

    Cookie Crumble…Xx.

  3. thanks a lot for this post… i may need to come up with my health improvement program as this has been loonnnnggg overdue…

    geng (genggay)
    swapbot-follow me #5

  4. GrammaG from swap-bot here. I also need to lose 80 pounds, and it’s a daunting proposition! How are you doing? Any pearls of wisdom to pass along? Good luck on your weight loss journey!

  5. Hiya Stephanie,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog very much. I lived in Oregon back wen (actually 1985 to 1994) while attending college (good old UofO). So, tel me, have you lost the way you wanted to lose? I need to lose about 20 pounds, but would be happy enough if I lost 10. But then, I must be honest, it is part of my new year’s resolutions for 2013 and yet I haven’t done anything about it… 🙁
    Best wishes for 2013!!!!
    I am writing as part of the swap-bot Blogging into 2013 swap.

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