How To Find A Niche In The Costume Website Market – Option 2

Welcome to Option 2 of finding a costume to promote in the costume website market. If you’re looking for option 1, it’s here. I consider this the backwards way to finding niches, although it works pretty well. Usually I end up adding a few websites to my Go Daddy domain purchases because I’ve stumbled across them this way.

I know I shouldn’t assume, but for this article, I’m assuming you’ve read at least the beginning of option 1. You should know about BuyCostumes and why I use that website, and you should be at least vaguely familiar with the Google Keyword Tool. If this makes no sense, I suggest you go read option 1, at least the first few paragraphs.

First, we start at the Google Keyword Tool.

To start, drop in a fairly generic search term. It could be “Halloween costume” “superhero costume” “kids costume” or anything else you’re looking for. Next, limit your searches to between 50,000 and 1,000 results. For this example, I’m using “superhero costume” and you can see how I have the search set up below.
Search Results for Superhero Costume

Once I have my results, I like to sort by local monthly searches. I scroll through the results, until I find one that catches my eye. I see “Catwoman costume” has a lot of search traffic. This also has a lot of potential, because there’s a new Batman movie coming out in 2012, and it has Catwoman in it. That means you can get a couple years out of the website, and there should be additional interest once the movie comes out.
Catwoman Monthly Searches

Next stop is BuyCostumes, because there’s no point if there’s no costume. We’re in luck, right now we have 2 Catwoman costumes, and an accessory kit. One of the costumes is new for 2011, which is good too. Anything new this year won’t get put on clearance before Halloween.
Catwoman Adult Costume

At this point, we should check and see if there are more search terms for this costume. With something as vague as “Catwoman costume” there’s a good chance that the top level domains will be purchased, so we should see if there’s another search term, getting a good number of searches, that will also work. I replace “superhero costume” with “catwoman costume” and then I change the maximum number of searches to 27,100.

Why? Because the search term only gets 27,100 in a month. Since the first search won’t narrow anything down, we don’t need to see the unrelated results that are higher. I don’t care if dog costume or superhero costume get more hits, I’m focusing on Catwoman.

I ended up seeing over 300 search results, most are unrelated. So I used the find in my browser to look for Catwoman options. It seems to fall into 4 categories: Catwoman costume, Catwoman outfit, Catwoman fancy dress, and then costume, outfit, and fancy dress, followed by the word Catwoman. It’s too much to sort through, so I check “Only show ideas closely related to my search term “ and look again. Only 7 results, which is much better.

I repeat the process, but I substitute outfit and fancy dress in place of costume. For this example, I’m only going to use the highest searched for terms, and I’m going to limit it to 6. Here’s my list:

  • Catwoman Costume
  • Catwoman Fancy Dress Costume
  • Catwoman Outfit
  • Catwoman Fancy Dress Outfit
  • Catwoman Costumes
  • Catwoman Fancy Dress Costumes

You’ll notice I used costumes, plural. It’s a good choice if there’s search volume. People will often put the plural into a search engine. They might only buy one costume, but they love to have options available. So, use the plurals when you search.

Now, I go to Google and check out the first 3 pages for competition. After checking, I throw out “Catwoman Fancy Dress Costume” because the first result is a niche site for Catwoman costumes. While it’s possible to outrank it, if you’re just starting out, it can be tough to do. I also throw out “Catwoman Fancy Dress Outfit” and “Catwoman Fancy Dress Costumes” for the same reasons.

I’m left with three this way:

  • Catwoman Costume
  • Catwoman Costumes
  • Catwoman Outfit

I’m going to throw in “Catwoman outfits” as a potential. It only gets 3600 searches a month, and there’s a website at the bottom of page 2 that could be a problem, but if you could be the top search result, it would be worth it. And now I have 4 Catwoman and 4 Tron domains to search for in Godaddy, so it’s even. That’s next post though.

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  1. Wow, I’ve just read through some of your online marketing tips and I found it fascinating! As a marketer and promoter, I had no idea this even existed and would love to learn more. What I do is entirely different, I help local entrepreneurs, such as artists, writers, guest houses etc., market themselves online through a website, blog and social media. I did learn some tips from you that I think will help me too, such as the Google Keyword Tool. Thanks for such a detailed explanation of everything. I can’t say I understand it entirely, but I’m going to read more about it. I was looking forward to your GoDaddy post, but I haven’t seen it yet.
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