It’s Not Supposed To Do That – Part 1

I often say that Alberta is the truck from Hell. Sadly, I am not joking most of the time. Within three days of being assigned to her, the engine control module failed. We missed my Nonny’s 80th birthday party because we had to have an EGR cooler replaced in Gillette, Wyoming. Less than a week later, we had another EGR cooler replaced. Two weeks after that, the turbo blew up. And less than 2 weeks ago, we had to have the EGR cooler replaced.

Want to see what my EGR cooler looks like today?
EGR Cooler
See all that black crap that’s on the red? That’s exhaust. It wasn’t there last Wednesday. I noticed it Friday, but since we were already en route to Salt Lake (see story below), I didn’t want to be waylaid.

The EGR cooler is a goofy thing, it’s the Exhaust Gas Recirculation cooler. Because of the anti pollution laws, trucks have to be very careful about the sort of emissions they put out. Pretty much, this EGR cooler routes take the exhaust, cools it down, and then routes it back to the engine for one more pass thru. Cuts down on emissions, the EPA is happy.

When it goes out, you can get coolant in the turbo, smoke, no power, and other nasty things. Last Wednesday we got a dose of it. Alberta threw a “warn engine” to tell us to check out the engine codes, but there were none. Our company has a good track record of requiring some pretty serious problems, or an engine code to get us fixed. So, we turned the truck off, and went to shower. When we came back, the “warn engine” was gone, so we continued on. That must have been when our EGR cooler started smoking.

Right now, we’re waiting on the shop to take a look at it. If it’s not a loose fitting (what they think is wrong), then the in house Cummins technician has to look at it. We’re pretty sure the EGR cooler blew, but we can’t fault those in charge for wanting an hourly mechanic to look at it, instead of the pricy Cummins technician.

At the time of typing this, I’ve been up almost 36 hours. I’m also rambling, so I’m going to finish this here, and post part 2 tomorrow, where I will explain why I’ve been up almost 36 hours.