It’s Not Supposed To Do That – Part 2

Why have I been up almost 36 hours? Well, as of last night anyway? Our air conditioning went out Thursday night.
In Ohio.
In 85 degree weather.
At night.

I’m driving along, and it’s hot, muggy air. So I do what I can to cool down the cab: bring in cool air from outside without the fan, and crack the windows. This, of course, wakes up poor Pet. Pet is unable to sleep. This makes Pet grumpy. By the time Pet is up, and the truck is too warm, it’s Friday morning.

We go, make our delivery, and thankfully, there’d been a small rainstorm just before we got into town. So we were able to sleep for about an hour at our delivery without it getting too hot.

We deliver, and send a message to the over the road maintenance department, and our fleet manager. Did I also mention this is new too? We have a new fleet manager, and to add insult to injury, he’s not in. So we get temp fleet manager. We’re also being sent to Phoenix.
In June.
With no air conditioning.

So, we talk the temp fleet manager into not sending us to Phoenix, and then California. Instead, we pick up in Indiana, and go to Utah so we can get to a terminal and get fixed. We thought about sitting all weekend, but when we do that, we get $40 a day. The load to Utah paid almost $100 a day, when you worked out milage. So, why sit, and make the company pay for a hotel room, when we could run a load, make more money, and get to a shop on Monday?

While we’re waiting for this information, and while we’re driving to pick up this load, and while we’re getting loaded, it’s 95 degrees out, feels like 101.
No air conditioning. We have two temperatures of air: hot, and whatever it is outside.

We had a nice offer from a gal I went to school with to come visit, but by the time we had the problem sorted out, we were hot, sweaty, and cranky. Definitely not fit company for anyone. Although, I wish circumstances had been different, I would have loved to stop.

We limped our truck and ourselves across the United States. Most days it was above 80. That means 2-62 air conditioning. If you have no idea what I mean, it’s 2 windows, 62 miles per hour. That also means we open the windows in back, which open all of 2 inches, and tie the curtains back.

It’s like sleeping in a wind tunnel with a rave in the background.

We found out pretty rapidly what was wrong, but I never managed to work it in up there. So, here’s a picture of our air compressor:
Air Compressor

It blew out. Totally gone, leaking either oil or freon, I never did find out which. So, the nice in house International repair guy replaced not only the air compressor, but the air dryer as well. I guess when things go, they really go.

I’m writing this the first night of the repairs (see Part 1), so I don’t know if we’ll be fixed tomorrow, but I hope so.