June Reading Log

I didn’t read a lot in June. I was in a car accident June 19, which killed the last 1/3 of June for me. I just haven’t felt up to reading lately. In fact, the only two books I managed this month were re-reads. I’m also trying to read Hero and Cairn, but I’m stalled, the first because it’s an audiobook, and the second because it hurt my neck to bend and read.

Editing to add: On a whim, I picked up book #3, and it was terrible. It was free, 27 pages, and I plowed through it in about 10 minutes.

Marked – PC & Kristen Cast

Vampire finishing school. That’s the idea behind the House of Night series. It’s an alternate world where people are “marked” with a crescent moon outline on their foreheads while teenagers, and that means that in about 4 years, they might turn into vampyres. In this series, 16 year old Zoey is marked, and then ends up on a vision quest, where the vampire goddess Nyx tells her she’s a chosen one, sent to be Nyx’s eyes and ears in the world.

I’ve read this before, but now that all 12 books are out, I want to read them all, in order. This was book 1, and it was a slog. I liked it the first time I read it, a couple years ago, but I don’t care for it as much now. Zoey just seems really judgmental and immature. She dislikes it when teens drink (can understand that), looks down on girls who have sex (um, ok), hates it when girls dress to show off their cleavage (not your problem), and hates lot of things. And instead of a sentence being a statement, there’s always an interior mental thought, like this is in commas, to colour the sentence. It’s annoying.

Also annoying is Zoey’s incessant need to not swear. She calls things “bullpoopy” or “poopy”or “boobie” like she’s some little kid. It’s not swearing to say you’re spending a class period cleaning horse poop from a stall. It’s not swearing to say someone’s wearing a shirt where he boobs show. Stop acting like you’re 9.

The Selection – Kiera Cass

I re-read this one in anticipation of audiobooking the 4th book, The Heir, this month (June). Then I heard the 4th book was terrible, so I went to something else. Here’s my previous review of this book.

This book is pitched as The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games. I can see The Bachelor, but not The Hunger Games. 35 women from all over the country of Illea are chosen to go to the palace, where they will meet Prince Maxon, and he will choose one of them to be his bride. America doesn’t want to apply, but does so to please her mother, and the boy she loves. To the surprise of no reader, she’s chosen, and whisked off to the palace.

This book isn’t fantastic, but it’s not bad either. America is an individual… like everyone else. But, that wins Maxon’s interest. It’s fairly predictable how things go, but it’s an enjoyable enough read. To quote a Mel Brooks movie, The History of The World, “Nice. Not thrilling, but nice.”

Photography Business — Luis Stephens

The actual title of the book is: Photography Business: How To Start A Successful Photography Business – Discover Photography Business Secrets And Marketing Techniques For Fast Profits! … DSLR Photography, Freelance Photography). It’s terrible. There’s almost nothing in this book worth value. The chapters don’t even make sense.

Here’s a few examples of things that don’t make sense. Chapter 1 is “Getting Started”. It talks about not needing an expensive camera to get decent photos. Those photos can be used to learn to do digital editing, but eventually you’ll need to upgrade to a better camera. Then there’s all kinds of photography you can explore. You should buy 2 cameras that are similar in case one breaks down.

If you’re already looking to start a photography business, you’re past this. You should already be considering photo editing software on existing photos, and what cameras to invest in. There’s no discussion on the features a camera should have, or the most common lenses used for specific types of photography (nature, portrait, wedding, etc)

Chapter 3 is “Emulate The Best” and has nothing about how to improve or emulate the people you admire. It talks about Ansel Adams, and Dorothea Lange, and how they became famous photographers. Nothing here about emulating anyone, ot studying what they did. Just that you can be successful if you decide what you want to be successful at.

Chapter five is “Register Your Business” and it’s not as bad as some of the chapters, but it’s not great. It suggests you check our zoning laws for whether you can have a home based business, and suggests you’re going to be so successful that the increase of traffic to your business might cause traffic pattern problems and get you shut down. It also talks about going to the Chamber of Commerce, and taking photography classes at a local college. It says almost nothing about actually registering your business.

I’d go on, but this too long as it stands. I think the author meant well, but in the end this book is a vague book that could be followed up by “If you dream it, you will be successful, just like Dorothea Lange! Follow your dream and do stuff!”