Just Another Manic Tuesday?

I think I’m entering a manic stage. It would figure, as the last month has been pretty bad on the other end of things. Given depression or mania, I’ll take the mania. I might be horribly scattered then, but I accomplish more, and will actually accomplish things that will help keep me from spinning back into depression.

I can always tell when the manic episode is coming on, because I feel a really strong urge to create. Usually I run with it, and so I currently have 3 creative projects on my plate:

1.  Sky Iron for a webkinz polar bear. If you’ve ever seen The Golden Compass, or read the His Dark Materials trilogy, you’ll know there’s fighting bears called panserbjorn, except with a nifty O I’m too tired to look up. They have battle armor. I want to make a set, and I have it all planned. going to use polymer clay, and fashion and under tunic for my bear, and then form and glue the clay one once it’s cured. I haven’t bought any of the supplies, and I need to get my hands on a full sized Webkinz polar bear. I only have a tiny guy, and I’d like to make a set for someone else’s bear, who could use it.


2. Katniss Everdeen’s Interview dress.  If you haven’t read The Hunger Games Trilogy, I highly recommend it. The short version is it’s set in North America at least 200 years in the future. There’s a city called The Capitol, which is supported by 12 disctricts, that are essentially slaves to The Capitol. Every year, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 are sent into an arena to fight to the death for the entertainment of the Capitol citizens, and to keep the districts in line. Katniss is 16, and takes her sister’s place in the Games.

At some point there’s an interview, and her outfit is a dress made out of gems, that looks like flames. It sounds like a beautiful dress, and the first time I listened to the audiobook, I started picturing it. So, I’ve acquired a Skipper doll with dark hair, and a mess of beads, and I’m going to attempt the dress. I purchased some cut glass seed beads, since they’ll mimic jewels, and I’m going to star laying out the design when I get home. I don’t know if I want to make an under dress, and bead directly onto it, or just do something like a peyote stitch and essentially create bead cloth in the shape of a dress.


3. Bob Ross Painting. If you ever watched public television as a kid, you probably saw Bob Ross. He was a white guy with a big brown white guy ‘fro, and he’d paint happy little clouds and trees, and loved cleaning off his brush. In a half hour, he could create an entire painting from scratch. They were usually landscapes, but sometimes he’d throw in flowers or animals for interest. They’re really neat.

I saw a quote from him on my Facebook, and it made me want to paint. The most painting I’ve ever done was a room, so this will be a new experience for me. I had some gift certificates to Amazon (Thank you, Swagbucks), so I was able to order his workshop DVD, and some simple, small canvases to practice on. I figure it will take me a bit to get the hang of the basic stuff, so I may as well get small things to paint, so incase I screw up, it’s not a huge canvas that I ruined. And, knowing my luck, I may lose interest after I work on a few, so I’m not going to invest hundreds of dollars in supplies for something I won’t see through. I’ll need to purchase brushes and paint, but I can do that once the DVD and canvases arrive, so I’ll know exactly what to purchase, and not go overboard.


Usually, when I get manic like this, two things happens: I have a hard time conveying my thoughts, and I can usually work myself out of the state, and into a more normal mode, by creating. It’s like creating things helps release the internal blocks, and lets me go back to speaking and acting normal again. I wish I had a little more free time for crafts, and that my desire to create things lasted longer. I’d accomplish more that way.