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I always say that I don’t have discerning taste in movies or music, and it’s true: I like all kinds of things that are crap. For example, I love Hellboy, and that is not a great movie. I also like all kinds of music, and I’ll listen to most anything.

For some reason, I am exceptionally good ad remembering songs, even if I haven’t heard them in ages. I’m also good and remembering lyrics after only hearing a song a few times. Even though Pet knows this, it’s always a surprise to her when a song she hasn’t heard before, or a song that she hasn’t heard in a long time comes on, and I start singing along.


The first time, I did it, it was to Cypress Hill’s Insane In The Membrane. Pet had purchased the song and put it on a iPod we had in the truck, and was going to listen. The moment it came on, I knew the song, and was singing along. I guess maybe that’s rapping along, not singing. Anyway, I didn’t miss a word. The look on her face was priceless.

To be fair, I loved Cypress Hill when I was younger. I always thought the singer in this song sounded like a boyfriend I had when I was barely a teenager.

I did it the other day too. She was playing Dire Straits. Growing up, I listened to a lot of Dire Straits. My dad liked them, and then when I grew older, I picked up a cd, and listened to it a lot. Pet has a trial of Spotify, and so she started up Sultans of Swing. And I started to sing.

She asked me about Dire Straits, and I explained how I knew that song. Then Romeo and Juliet came on, and I get this comment, “I guess you know that one too.”

Yup! I happen to really like that song.

The best one came when I started singing Dragostea Din Tei, by O zone. Most people know it as the Numa Numa song. It came across my Pandora, and I was singing along. And I mean actually singing, not singing the bits I knew and mumbling the rest.

You should have seen the look on Pet’s face.

13 thoughts on “Knowing Songs

  1. I sort of have that with numbers. In high school I could open a locker once, and never need to check the combination again. I’m not exactly that good at math; I just remember numbers for some reason. Songs would be more fun. =0)

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  2. Oh there’s NO accounting for taste– I find some of the “classics” or “great art” movies just totally boring! And I love some really crazy picks!
    I don’t pass myself off as a balanced critic or anything, I just love what I love 🙂

  3. I think that’s great. I have the worst memory ever so normally when people reference a movie line or song I have no idea.

    ~j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  4. hi ya, very interesting things you do 🙂
    that song thing is a gift. cherish it. the rest of us are doomed to mumble-sing-a-long all our days:(
    hellboy is a personal favorite of mine. must be something about a horn filing, cat liking, red-devil looking god guy 😉
    happy days 😀 ~mamainshane, follow me # 7, swap-bot

  5. That’s cool!!! I’m really bad at remembering anything. I can’t even remember the names of my middle school class mates anymore — and I attended in middle school only 3 years ago! I wish I had a good memory..even my credit card id number (which is needed to pay at market, i don’t know what it’s called in English -___-sorry!) is too hard to remember.. : D
    Jungpo follow me 7

  6. I just had to find the numa numa song on you tube now you mentioned it *lol*

    Have you heard Gangnam style by Psy? Its number one in the charts in the Uk at the moment. 🙂

  7. It’s incredible 🙂 You’re very talented, seems you would be a good actress if memorizing lyrics is not a problem to you 😀 I’m really impressed.

    (Follow me #7 ladybehemot)

  8., why my comment got cut..

    I do remembering the lyrics (but please don’t ask me to sing, haha) | and the most annoying is I remember the lyrics of the songs that I really hate…it’s because I always ride the bus and the bus driver usually play the musics that I hate…the songs just playing in my head >_< horrible

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