Letter From A Swap Bot Flaker

I swap all manner of things on Swap Bot, as I’ve posted about before. One of the swaps I joined was a Mad Libs variation, where the swap host created a letter from a flaker. If you don’t use Swap Bot, a flaker is someone who signs up for a swap, but then doesn’t send the item.

Since a number of people visiting my site come from Swap Bot, I thought I’d post the letter that resulted from my Mad Libs. Want to make your own letter? You can find a link to that specific one here, and if you do, paste it in the comments! I’d like to see it.

Dear Sally,

I am well sorry that have not mailed my foggy apple to you, but my life has taken a turn of very frothy events. My watery venus fly trap ran away; my third cousin 4 times removed got sick with hip -itis; my saddled yak blew a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; and my sassy house was hit by a coffee cup. ( You probably read about it in Weekly World News ) On top of that, the cranky post office seems to want to peek my mail. This is all making me very sleepy.

And some brilliant people on Swap-Bot are saying that I have had another profile as FlakerMcGee, just because we have the same donut and corn and like the same cows, and we both have 42 children with the same jackets. I don’t understand how people can be so dancing. We all deserve 163 chances, right ? And it’s just swapping – it’s not like I promised someone. GOSH.

You seem like a stoned scratching post, so I’m sure you understand that tea happens. I promise to send your sneaker on October 31, and it will be smelly. Please give me a 5 and heart and a fluffy comment when you receive it.


4 thoughts on “Letter From A Swap Bot Flaker

  1. I had quite the chuckle reading your resulting Mad Lib and Flakers 🙂 My granddaughter has some cute books that incorporate this type of fill in the blank story building but I had not seen a site of this kind til now…cute! Thanks for sharing, it may have value for me in the future LOL.

    • I had wanted to do a MadLibs style letter swap on Swap Bot, but I didn’t know how to get one accomplished. I really love that someone did one, because they’re just so fun. Maybe I’ll attempt one now.

  2. My 8 yr. old loves mad libs. I didn’t know there was a site do do that. I might try out the mad libs site sometime. Thanks. I love swap-bot! art3osb @ swap-bot

    • I had a horrible time with MadLibs as a kid, because I didn’t understand that you took the words without looking at the story first. When I showed my grandmother my first MadLibs that I completed, we had to have a lesson on how to actually play MadLibs.

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