Oasis In The Desert Benefit Yard Sale

A guy I went to high school with is trying to fundraise money for a good cause. His rock climbing group is going to Zimbabewe to build and aquaponics farm for an orphanage.

To accomplish this goal, they’re holding a benefit yard sale and raffle. The yard sale is this weekend, Friday and Saturday.

To help them get more people visiting, I’m submitting their listing to multiple websites, like yardsalesearch.com. They provide free listings for yard sales. In face, if you want to see what’s listed for the benefit sale, you can look here on yardsalesearch.com’s website. Last I checked, they’re somewhere near the middle of the listing. It’s called “Oasis In The Desert Benefit Yard Sale & Raffle.”

One thought on “Oasis In The Desert Benefit Yard Sale

  1. Your high school friend has such a warm hear to try to do something like that 🙂
    I hope they can do it!

    from Follow Me #3 -swap

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