Online Marketing

I’m having a crappy day, so I thought I’d make a post about something that goes pretty well for me: online marketing. Online marketing is often called Internet Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing. I like online marketing, because it doesn’t have the negative connotations the other two. Hell, as often as not, I see people doing the virtual head shake of sadness at those poor internet marketers who never make a dime, and snarling at the idea affiliate marketers essentially work on commission.

In the end though, whatever you want to call it, it boils down to this: I find a topic on the internet that people are interested in. I also find a product or service that meshes with what people want. Then, I create content on that topic that helps to answer the question people online have, and I recommend or refer them to the product or service I’ve found. If they decide to sign up, purchase, or subscribe to whatever I recommend, I get a commission of sorts.

And I’m going to stop here for a sec, and laugh at the idea I keep misspelling commission. When I right click to see the corrections, the first option is omission. What’s funny about that is the traditional opinion of online marketing is the idea what we trick people by omission. I won’t say that never happens; for a number of years, it was common to see websites set up with the sole purpose of getting people to click on the ads just to get off the sites. But, a number of their advertising partners didn’t like the results they were getting, so they started banning the practice. It still continues, but not like it used to.

So, I digress back to what I was talking about. If you’re looking for a real world example, here’s one for you. Have you ever gone and used a search engine to look for something? Maybe it’s a coffee pot, a costume, a solution to keep the dog from barking all night? And then you find a page that features the item you’re looking for, but it’s not the manufacturer or Amazon? And once you’re there, you click the picture or the link of the item you’re thinking about, and you’re taken to Amazon, or so some book or program online that you can buy? That’s online marketing. And that’s what I do.

I had a little success with the Halloween market this year, seeing $140.10. White that’s hardly a huge amount (one guy claims to have made over $22,000), it’s enough proof for me to know that I can make money online. And, the money I made covered the the hosting cost of the 7 websites I made, as well as the cost for the 7 domains.

The nice thing about online marketing is the costs are low. If you’re strapped for cash, you can often use free methods to start out, and then work up to paid methods. Sometimes, if you have a small amount of money, you can purchase a program to help guide you through the first few steps. I’ve purchased a few, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on which ones I like and don’t like.