November Reading Log

Enemy – K. Eason

This one was picked for me for a swap on Swap Bot. I honestly can’t think of much to say.

Set in a high fantasy world, one of the main characters, Snow, is what I’d guess to be a Drow, or dark elf. Her people live underground, are matriarchal, and the gods sound like Drow gods. Snow is trained in healing as well as magic, and is what seems to be a drug runner. She arrives in a town where everyone has been slaughtered, and ends up having to fight against a contingent of soldiers. While there, she meets an outcast from another land, and they end up teaming up to… fight for or against gods?

I don’t know, it started to blur together, and I don’t remember the last 25% of the book. The writing was fine, but the world took a little bit to grasp, and I think I wasn’t in the mood for high fantasy. I can’t tell you much about it, other than it was simply okay, and Snow’s weird flying snake thing was neat.

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October Reading Log


Only 4 books in October. One was Outlander, which is plenty long, so I don’t feel too bad. I split that book into audiobook and ebook, listened to two on audiobook, and then read the fourth as an ebook. I kind of wish I had a paper book to read that month, but I have 3 to read this month, so it’s all good. Plus, audiobook and ebooks can be consumed in places that paper books can’t be.

Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

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September Reading Log

So, 6 books read this month, and none of them audiobooks. I don’t know why, but I didn’t want to listen to audiobooks at work this month. Seems pretty heavy on the Young Adult this month, with what could be considered 2 memoirs thrown in. One less YA, and I could have claimed full house.

The Body Institute – Carol Riggs

In the future, being more than 20 pounds overweight for more than 3 months will get you fined. The good news? You can always go to the Body Institute and get a Reducer to help you out. Your mind gets stored, and the Reducer takes over your body, exercising and eating right, to help you lose the extra weight. Three to six months later, you’re back in your own body, which is now thin and toned. Sounds, great, right? Too bad there’s a few problems.

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August Reading Log

10 books! I was busy

Robopocalypse – Daniel H. Wilson

I was looking for more books told like World War Z – a sort of oral history of a cataclysmic event. Someone online mentioned Robopocalypse was told in a similar way, so I checked it out. It is similar, but not as good.

It’s set in the future some time, with self driving cars, and domestic robots that help out around the house, run errands, deliver mail, etc. A scientist creates an AI that is self aware, and said AI sets out to preserve life at all costs, even if that means eliminating humans to save other lifeforms.

The book’s okay, but not that great. Each chapter begins and ends with a note from the main character of the book, which pulled me out of the story every time. Also, the book centers mostly around the people in the US, with only a few chapters of a reoccurring character in Britain. I would have liked to have seen how the world handled the robot apocalypse.

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July Reading Log

I was busy this month. I read a lot of shorter stories and novellas this month, making my total 10. One was a re-read so I could read the next book and finish a series. Another was an audio drama that I didn’t realize wasn’t a book. One was a collection of predictable short stories, and I finally got around to two books that have been on my “want to read” list for months.

A productive month, even if I could have chosen better books to read.

Guys in Love – L.A. Witt
This was a Bookbub freebie. It’s 4 short stories about guys who fall in love with another guy, usually someone who’s unobtainable, or someone they previously had a relationship with. It’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, and it’s only okay.

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Stacked Squares Glass Plate

I haven’t done a lot with the glass this year. I’ve spent a lot of 2016 ill: twisted appendage on my intestine, gall bladder and appendix quitting the ship, and in July, a sinus infection that wouldn’t die. So, glass has taken a back seat.

I decided back in April or so that I’d get a project in the kiln. I wanted to use some scrap glass, so I settled on my turquiose and white scraps, on a black background. It took some measuirng, because I knew I wanted a 10″ plate, but I wasn’t sure how much space I needed between the squares. With a little trial and error I settled on what’s in the photo below. 33 pieces later (counting the base), it went in for a full fuse.

Stacked Squares Glass plate

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June Reading Log

I managed 8 books in June, which is quite a lot for me. Granted, some of them are short stories, or novellas, but at least I’m reading. One of these is a collection of short stories, otherwise there would have been a lot more read this month.

Armada – Ernest Cline
We get it, Ernest Cline. You’re nostalgic for the 80s.

That was the primary thought going through my head as I listened to Armada. This book is chock full of 80s references, much like Ready Player One. Unlike Ready Player One, all of these were annoying.

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