Past Blizzcons!

I write for the blog for Azeroth Adoption Agency, which is WoW guild that’s devoting to helping people adopt out in game pets. One of the things I do is write the Throwback Thursday stuff. It’s pretty basic: Leeeroy Jenkins, Illegal Danish, Kazzak does Stormwind, etc. Well, coming up soon is a Blizzcon feature, and it got me thinking.

Why nto share some photos here? They’re not the same as the ones I shared there (with one exception), and I have plenty of photos. So here they are!

Photos are from 2011, 2013, and 2014, which are the last 3 Blizzcons I’ve attended. I’ve actually attended 6 and this year’s will make 7. I just take terrible photos.

Guns don't kill people, Magic Missiles Do.

This is the back of some guy’s shirt. I thought it was pretty fitting for the con. Lots of good shirts at Blizzcon, mostly game related. My favorite? The guy who wore the “You have died of dysnetery” scene from the old Oregon Trail game.


Tyreal Stature displayed at Blizzcon.

This statue of Tyreal from the Diablo franchise has been a Con staple for several years. It was created for Blizzcon 2011, is 14 feet tall, 13 feet wide, and weighs 700 pounds. It is my absolute favorite statue at the convention.


A trio of cosplayers: 2 pandas, one pirate.

My favorite non Blizzard part of the convention itself, is the cosplay. There is such a variety of cosplay out there. Some if really elaborate, some if basic. But it’s all awesome. I loved these two pandas and their pirate friend.



Cataclysm Vet Cosplay

Other cosplays aren’t as elaborate, but still awesome. This guy, if you can’t read the sign, is a Cataclysm vet. The sign says “Need gold for repairs. Will work – I can portal and give directions. Anything helps. King’s Honor, Friend.” And if you’ve ever talked to the guards in Stormwind, you’ll recognize lots of that sign and the wonderful helmet he had.


Build a Bear Toothless in a Stitch outfit

Not Blizzcon related, but picked up from my last time down there. I bought my mother’s Toothless plush a Stitch costume to wear, as Toothless and Stitch are her favorite characters. She actually thought for a moment it was a costume to put on one of her cats. I’m not quite that demented, no matter how cute Arby would look in it.


Sound Design Slide from the 2013 Panel

From 2013, this was a panel on the sound within World of Warcraft. The lead sound designer had heard most hunters were transmogging their weapons into anything that shot without sound. He didn’t understand why, so he rolled a hunter. Then he understood.


Training Dummy cosplay

Another cosplay. This time, it’s the training dummy you practice on. It was a great costume, and cosplayers were lining up for action shots of them practicing against the training dummy. The person was an excellent sport about it.


Stuffed Moonkin for Cosplay & me.

Featherbear plushie! Okay, this is the only photo here that’s going into my A3 Throwback Thursday. I loved this plush. The woman who had it dressed up as a moonkin from 2008-2013, and I saw her every year, along with her troll shaman friend and the moving mailbox. In 2013 she had this plush, and after getting a featherbear hug (her costume made a great hug), she let me pose with her mini moonkin. I’m grinning like an idiot, and pretty happy in this photo.


Preston, a purple plush panda, and an In N Out cup

On the way up from Blizzcon 2014, we stopped at the Santa Nella In N Out for lunch. We left my purple panda, Preston, on the dash. This pretty much sums up Blizzcon 2014. Pandas, Starcraft, In N out, and no rain.