Planting Cats

It’s hot here. Portland gets warm summers, usually 85 or higher. I know compared to places like Phoenix, California, and Australia, our summers are nothing. But to us, they’re plenty hot and we melt.

It’s early June, but summer has hit. It was hot today. The cat is miserable. Mozzie has layers upon layers of light weight fluff that I’m sure traps heat. He tends to turn into a furry puddle in any cold location in the summer.

I’m helping Pet with dinner, and my grandmother starts stage whispering from down the hall. “Steph! Come quick! You have to see this!”

So I head down the hall, and find this:

Melty Mozzie in a planter.

That is Mozzie, in liquid cat form, napping in a square planter. He fills it.

It’s on the back deck, in a corner that’s fairly well shaded. I had to take the photo through the window. If I had tried to hop out onto the deck, he would have woken up.

Once he jumped out, he was totally covered in bits of tree. I spent 5 minutes brushing crap out of his fur before I’d let him back inside.