Professional Dinosaur Question, Really?

Pet’s been working through most of Red Dwarf on Netflix. In one of the seasons, a sparrow gets turned into a dinosaur. There’s a line about the dinosaur eating cow vindaloo, and I went to look it up.

I went to Swag Bucks to search, on the chance I’d win Swag Bucks, and I put in “dinosaur eats cow” and then I stopped, because I wasn’t sure how to spell vindaloo. so I put in V, and it offered to complete it, but I couldn’t see what it was offering for V. So I told it okay.

This is what I got:

Autocomplete gives me "Dinosaur eats cow victoria secret"

Okay, not what I was looking for. So I go to trusty Google, and I put in “dinosaurs eats cow vindaloo” and get better results. So I was able to get the quote I was looking for:

Do you know what happens when a dinosaur eats cow vindaloo, two and a half tons of mint-choc ice cream, followed by four hundred crates of orange ice-pops, and swills it all down with two thousand gallons of a popular fizzy drink, after it’s burped?

Rimmer: It feels sick?

Hollister: Oh no! It doesn’t feel sick, Rimmer – it is sick! Five of our best men nearly drowned! Two others are in hospital, concussed by pieces of carrot the size of tree trunks.


I found a few extra pages showing the entire quote, so I satisfied my curiosity. Then I found this:


What I really like about this is the site description: See only professional researched Dinosaurs questions.

What’s so professional about asking if a T Rex would eat cow vindaloo? I really need to know the answer. I don’t think they will answer me, so does anyone else want to take a shot? How would you professionally research whether or not a T Rex would eat cow vindaloo?