September Reading Log


5 books this month, 3 lumped into one review because they’re all part of one series. I audiobooked all three ofthem, and about half of Uprooted. I kept switching between the audiobook and the paper book of that one because it was just so damn interesting.

Uprooted – Naomi Novik

Since you’ve read this, I’ll skip the “About” and go straight to thoughts.

Agnieszka lives in a village in a valley with an overlord they call the Dragon. He’s a wizard, and he asks very little of the people of the valley, except one thing: every 10 years, he chooses one teenage girl. She goes to his tower, serves him for 10 years, and then is released.

Agnieszka is convinced her only friend Kasia will be chosen. Kasia is everything the Dragon would want: pretty, smart, fearless, able to cook well, stays clean and tidy, etc. In short, everything Agnieszka is not. So when Agnieszka is chosen instead, it throws her entire world off.


Of course Agnieszka gets chosen. There wouldn’t be a book if she didn’t get chosen.I like how Agnieszka ends up being kind of passive aggressive to the Dragon. I could appreciate that. I felt that the blurb of the book is misleading. Agnieszka is chosen within the first 2 chapters, and within 4 the real story gets going.

I did enjoy the book, enough that I would switch from audiobook to print as soon as I got home, so I could keep going. Or, I’d catch myself reading at my desk before heading to work. I liked Agnieszka. She’s messy and clumsy, and stubborn. She backtalks to the Dragon, and wonders about her place in the world, but she is not a shrinking violet. She wants to protect her family and village, and knows she’s capable of many things other people aren’t. She acknowledges that there are more than the Dragon’s ways of doing things, and will stubbornly stay on her own path. I can respect a heroine like that, and I loved that she went her own way in the end. Sure, the Dragon seeks her out, but she’s made her own path, and he has to deal.


A Matter of Disagreement – E.E. Ottoman

I read this one because a friend read it. In the end, I found it a little dull. It’s not bad. Well written, interesting characters, and the mechanical vs magic debate was interesting, but it didn’t hold my attention. I think it was too much of the talking heads for too long before anything of interest happened. I can only read them argue and irritate each other so long before my mind wanders.

Magic Bites, Magic Burns, Magic Strikes – Ilona Andrews

I was introduced to Ilona Andrews through a friend who happened to share the same sort of book likes. I think I’d heard of the Kate Daniels books before, but I don’t know why I never picked them up. I ended up audiobooking all 3, picking up Small Magics (to be read soon), and Magic Bleeds when it was on sale as an ebook.

I really enjoy these books. I like a capable heroine who has a smart mouth, probably because women aren’t encouraged to be that way. I like that she was raised to be a fighter, and that she initially relies on no one but herself. She’s lonely, and you can tell. The fact she goes from no friends to actual friends through the first three books is good to see.

I like how Kate’s backstory gets slowly explored as the series goes on, along with the story of the Magic vs the Tech. You get just enough in each book to satisfy, but not enough to fully explain it, so you keep reading. I love how bits and pieces get revealed as it goes. Kate’s backstory isn’t a happy one, and I feel for her.

I am not wild about Curran. Yes, I know he’s set up to be Kate’s love interest, and I’m sure they’ll get together, but I just don’t like him. He’s gruff, and cranky, and demanding .Yes, he’s the head of the were animals, but does he have to be so damn stubborn?

Will continue reading, I hear the series is getting finished soon, so I should stay busy until #10 is released.


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