Star Trek fans, I need your help!

I want to so some Star Trek inspired fused glass, but I’m having trouble picking colours. Can you help? All you have to do is look at these colors, and tell me which one, looks like the better choice. I’m using glass swatches, so the bottom color of each swatch is how the glass will look when it’s done.
It doesn’t seem to let me put in numbers, so just use 1 for the leftmost, 2 for the middle, and 3 for the rightmost.

I know monitors show colours differently, and when I get the glass in my hands it may not look like this at all, but I could use feedback from the internet so I can start. And, if all goes well and I get my ideas made, I’ll gift someone in the comments with something that results. So leave an email, it won’t be published and no one but me can see it (I won’t spam you).