Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 3

So, today’s post are my favorite blank postcards. These are easy, my favorites never get written on and passed out. I just shuffle past them and keep going. I really ought to remove them and stick them where I won’t accidentally write on them. Roadtrains Australia Postcard

This is my favorite postcard ever. I will never get rid of it if I can help it. I love seeing what commercial trucks look like in other countries, and this gives me not just one shot, but 4 different trucks. Favorite. Postcard. Ever.
Funny Greek Postcard

The history nerd in my finds this one funny. If you can’t easily read the writing, it says “Early Etruscan, Late Greek.”

Canada Moose Postcard

Moose! one of the only animals I didn’t see when I was driving over the road. All the moose I have seen have been stuffed, in pictures, or in zoos. I want to see a live, wild moose once day.

Hello Kitty Postcard

This is the first Hello Kitty postcard I ever saw. I love it.

I Love Holland POstcard

When I was younger, I collected cows. I had a Gateway 2000, and back then they shipped in cow spotted boxes. Even though I don’t actively collect a lot of cow things, they still find me. Cow postcards are really easy for me to collect, since they don’t take up a lot of space like many other things.

Pennsylvania Cows Postcard

Another cow postcard, this time of the Holstein variety.

Butterfly Postcard

Lately I’ve had a thing for butterflies. I don’t know why, but when I make ATCs or I look things up, I always seem to find butterflies. So I really like this card.

Purple Postcard with Flowers


This card came to me a couple months ago, and not only do I love it because it’s purple, but I also love it because it has scalloped edges. I don’t see a lot of cards with scalloped or shaped edges.

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2 thoughts on “Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 3

  1. lol I guess I really am a history nerd, because I LOVE the “Early Etruscan, Late Greek” one. I used to be a history major though and only switched over to be an archaeology major, so I guess that’s to be expected. The purple scalloped postcard is very pretty and I’ve never seen one quite like it. Is it Japanese or maybe Korean?

    Aurelas (Follow me #12)

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