Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 5

Okay, so to be fair, these are not my absolute favorite purchased postcards. Most of those have seen mailed out already. And, for some reason, a number of postcards I really like and still have went missing while I was scanning all of these in. You’ll have to content yourself with my favorite current postcards I guess.
As a warning, there’s a bit of language in a couple of these. Nothing too terribly bad, but enough to maybe get a PG-13 rating.

Does a Bear Shit In The Woods Postcard
I picked this postcard up when we went to Seattle for our anniversary last year. It was one of about 25 postcard I’d picked up, because I was a couple month into swapping on Swap Bot. This one makes me giggle, and I was loathe to part with it, simply because I found it so funny. Then in April, I was going across Washington on a rural highway, and I stopped at a gas station to stretch. They were selling this card, so I bought all they had.

B is for Badass postcard
This came from Powell’s Books in Portland, and I thought it was an neat, oddball card.

Tutankhamun Crook and Flail Postcard
Another postcard from our anniversary vacation, this one from the King Tut Exhibit. It was sold in the gift shop in a postcard book that I can’t find online.

Sheep under umbrella postcard

Another oddball postcard from Powells City of Books. I love the sheep under umbrellas.

Mount St Helens Postcard

Mount St. Helens ppstcard from a postcard book I picked up on our anniversary. I like it because it shows the before and after markings of the mountain. And, it’s fresh in my mind since Pet and I went a couple weeks ago.

Dale Chihuly's Sealife Tower Postcard
This is beautiful postcard, and the scan doesn’t do it justice. My scanner isn’t great, and this is a beautiful postcard of the Sealife Tower that’s in Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle. If you want to see better photographs of it, I have a couple here, including one professionaly taken at the museum.

Hello Kitty Postcard
Hello Kitty postcards I picked up on Etsy. The seller claims they’re vintage 1982 postcards from Japan, and everything on them seems to point that way. They’re really cute postcards.

Day of the Dead Dog Postcard
I love this postcard, but I like the cat one better(link is of a print, not a postcard). This artist is really talented, and I love these Day of the Dead style postcards.

Mail a Lobster Postcard - Front

And last, but certainly not least, is a mail a lobster card from Green Banana Cards. These are the funniest cards ever, I’m especially fond of the Mail a Moose, but like I said at the top, a number of my postcards have taken off, and I am currently mooseless. I’ve ordered these cards off Etsy several times, and they’re top notch. Below is the back of the postcard, in case you were wondering. You really can cut the lobster/moose/goose/sasquatch/alligator/beaver/whatever out and assemble a paper sculpture.

Mail a Lobster Postcard - Back

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