Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 6

So, I had to work all day, and I had put up a warning notice here, to let anyone reading know that I wasn’t able to put in comments just yet. The paragraph was deleted, probably because I was impatient, so now I’m coming back and filling it it. It’s almost 8pm, so I’m doing this and going to bed.

On Swap Bot, there’s a series of postcard swaps that are a chunk of cardboard. It’s exactly what it says on the tin: you cut a piece of cardboard out, write on it, and mail it off to someone. I love these swaps, because you never know what you’re going to get, or if someone’s going to embellish the front, or put stickers on it, etc. You just never know, and it’s fun.

I really like this one, it came with a lovely letter on the back. This swapper decorated her cardboard with the pull tags of the tea she likes to drink. I love this, because I am also a tea drinker, and there’s thousands of kinds of tea out there, I can’t see them all. This gives me a neat sampling of the ones she’s tried. thgis is probably my second favorite cardboard postcard.

This one was sent to me from a swapper who loves papercrafts, so of course it’s decorated. Stamps, collage, postage stamp, all sorts of neat things. The back has cute little flowers hand drawn on it.

This postcard came from Postcrossing, and it was from a postcrosser in The Netherlands. She’d never thought to make a postcard out of a box, so I was sent one from a box of mashed potatoes. I can’t read it, but I love it.

Kitty Cheerios box! what else is there to say? I love the cut out shape.

This is my favorite cardboard postcard to date. Not because the front has glitter pen on the cookies, although that is pretty awesome, but because of the back, which is the next photo.

I LOVE pinups, I think they’re so great. Classy and sexy without being pornographic, and the women in them are always lovely. So I really love the picture Miss Paula put on the back, and how her note kept with the theme. It’s a really neat postcard.

Not a lot of cardboard postcards, but I’ve only been in maybe a half dozen of these swaps, so I don’t have a huge number to draw from. I’ll have more next time I do this.

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  1. Like you, I enjoy postcards made from packaging. You never know what you’ll get, they’re original, and often they offer some insight into the sender’s lifestyle or eating habits. Send me an email if you’d like to trade.
    Swap-Bot, Follow Me #13

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