Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 7

So, last day of postcards, and I thought I’d share some postcards you can purchase online that I think are worth buying. You can get them online through a large retailer like Amazon, or through a smaller, personal seller, like Etsy. Regardless, they’re postcards I like, either that I’ve purchased, or that I’ve seen online and I covet. There are links so you can buy your own.


Johnny Cash - Live At Folsom Prison Giving the Finger Postcard
I love Johnny Cash. I remember seeing him as a kid, and while not much sticks with me, I do remember him singing. And since the USPS just put out a Johnny Cash stamp, what better thing to put it on than a Johnny Cash Postcard? (

Day of The Dead Cat & Dog Postcards
These postcards were featured on Day 5, but I wanted to post a photo of the cat one as well. I really love these postcards, they’re beautifully drawn, and macabre without being gross. And what I really love about these postcards is that 10% of each sale is donated to the artists favorite pet charity, Austin Pets Alive. They’re a set of 4, 2 dogs, 2 cats, for $5. (

Chihuly At The V & A postcard Book
I’m not being 100% honest here when I link this particular postcard book. All Chihuly postcards are beautiful, so whatever book you can get your hands on, do it! The book I have isn’t listed on Amazon, or on Half Price Books, but they do have a decent selection of Chihuly postcard books for under $20. Amazon has a smaller selection, but you can find Chihuly postcard books like this one there too. ( and

Fairy and Fantasy Postcards
I couldn’t find a specific postcard to upload of this artist’s, but she does beautiful work, so I thought I’d put the “4 postcards for $8” photo up. She has 23 different pieces of art, and you can pick 4 to make your postcard set. I know we live in an era of $0.40 postcards, so $2 sounds expensive, but the art is exquisite. I was swapping fairy postcards, and my original fairy was lost in the mail. I didn’t have another card, so I ordered a pack from this seller, 3 fairies and a mermaid (#3 if you click through), and they were beautiful. I highly recommend them. (

Mail A Moose - Green Banana Postcards
Oh, Green Banana cards, I am so happy you have a shop on Etsy so I can purchase your stuff without being a business. I don’t know what to say about these cards other than they’re hilarious and perfect. They add new styles from time to time, so you’re not bound to purchasing a moose, or a lobster (like on Day 5), but there’s a puffin, alligator, grey wolf, humpback whale, and a sasquatch! I’m waiting on an American bison (buffalo) myself. (

Where The Bodies Are Postcard Book
Where The Bodies Are is a weird postcard book. I was sent Bela Lugosi’s tombstone as a postcard, which I mentioned on Day 4, and when I mentioned I loved the postcard, the person who sent me the postcard told me she’d picked it up off half Price Books for like $3. so I went there and purchased my own copy. The photgraphs aren’t fantastic, but they are interesting. And I have to admit, it’s a fascinating subject for a postcard book. (

Schin Loong's My Mug Postcard
Okay, full disclosure: I’ve never ordered any of Schin’s postcards. But, I have swapped with her on Swap Bot, and she’s very kind and courteous, and a great swapper. I love her art, it’s so pretty. She has some of her artwork up on Etsy as postcards, as well as prints and other things. I really love the fish in this print. (

So, that’s my week in postcards, I hope you enjoyed them all.

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9 thoughts on “Steph’s Favorite Postcards Week – Day 7

  1. hehee, i love the “mail a moose” postcard!! i’ve never seen anything like it before 🙂
    @dlhwz (Gain exposure to your blog 3!)

  2. I love the Johnny Cash one best and now I want a Johnny Cash stamp!
    @washi (Gain exposure to your blog 3!)

  3. I love the cats and dogs post cards.It’s a interesting twist on the day of the dead theme! Follow me #13

  4. I was just listening to Johnny Cash today! My grandpa lived about 10 miles from Cash..I’ve often wondered if they knew each other haha

    – Zefaniya (Follow me #13)

  5. I’ve been looking to buy some nice postcards for a while! I like to pin them up round my room, the cat one is my favourite, might have to order myself one! P.S big JC fan.
    -Rayya(Follow Me #13)

  6. I love Johnny Cash! I’m so sad…each time I’ve dropped in to my post office, they’ve been out of the Cash stamps and the Pixar stamps. Guess I’ll have to buy them online. Love to have fun Forever Stamps (and not just the boring flags and Statue of Liberty stamps I still somehow have)

    ~MrsDoubleA from swapbot

  7. Woooow! The goldfish postcard is so cool! Happy swapping!!

    Great blog!! Hope you have a great summer and blessings to you!!:)
    -Liberty (libertylithium on swap-bot)
    (Follow Me #14)

  8. Hmmm i thought i commented on this before but i guess it didnt take but that mail a moose is too funny!

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