Stuff Seen Around The US

I’ve amassed a collection of photos of stuff from traveling all over the United States, and I though I may as well share some photos now and again. It’ll break up the monotony of books, right?

Frownies from King's

Pet and I were in Pennsylvania, at a truck stop, and we didn’t want to eat there. There was King’s across the street, which is not a restaurant we have out here. So we went, had a good lunch, and discovered these guys. They’re called frownies, and that day all our loads were screwed up, so we bought a container. Cabezon DinosaurI’ve always wanted to stop and see these dinos, out in Cabezon, but we’d usually go through too late or early to stop. One night we ate at the casino down the road, and decided to hit up the dinos before we went into east, towards Missouri.

They’re kind of disappointing. They’ve been taken over by a creationist museum, so when you go up in the brontosaurus (I know, it’s not one, but it’s made to look like one), it talks about it’s not possible that the dinos lives that long ago, and that evolution is a myth. The gift shop isn’t much to look at either, it’s mostly full of cheap crap.

Cabezon Dino


The rest of the Cabezon dinos are in a creationist museum, and Pet didn’t want to go in. This T Rex is a slide, so I’ve heard, but since he was inside the park, we didn’t get to go on a ride. I don’t think I can persuade her to give money to the museum to take a ride ever, so he’ll have to go unvisited by us.