My World of Warcraft Characters can fly!

Suranna on a Celestial Steed


The ability to fly in Warlords of Draenor required a number of steps completed before it happened. I completed the last of it today.

You had to:

I’d explored the continent months ago, and when they announced flying was going to require multiple achievements, I went and did all the Securing Draenor quests, which are a pain in the ass.

I was also working on the treasure hunter, although not actively. I buckled down this weekend and finished it, with the help of purchasable treasure maps from inside the game

I had more trouble with Loremaster. I love Warcraft’s Lore, and I love doing all the quests, but Warlords of Draenor has been a disappointment. I’m just… bored. All the time. So I had one last zone to do, until today.

I’d been working through the Tanaan Diplomat since it came out. Thankfully, Pet was interested in the flying achievement, so it helped me buckle down and do it more frequently. I got the achievement today.

I wasn’t sure if the Diplomat achievement would translate to the other faction, which is the character that had almost everything else done for her. I logged her in, and saw she had it, but her Draenor Flying achievement showed she needed Tanaan Diplomat and Draenor Loremaster. I figured I’d try, and if it didn’t work out, she was far closer to getting flying than anyone else.

So I spent the evening working through the quests in Nagrand. I don’t usually play as much as I did today, but I thought I would make a push and try and get it done. I’m glad I did, as it’s nice to be able to fly in Draenor. I’m burned out on WoW right now, but that’s ok. I’ve been playing too much as it stands.

Oh! I ended up with a new mount for my collection too! This is my Druid, Eilenna, on my new Soaring Skyterror. I’m up to about 170 mounts now

Eilenna on a Soaring Skyterror