Surprise Money

So, I’m a member of the Wealthy Affiliate (review here), and I logged in the other day to see they’d chosen one of my blog posts as “Blog Of The Day.” Surprised me, but I think it’s largely a random process. I’d gotten some comments in my blog post, so I decided to go into a little more detail about why I have 72 costume websites planned.

I wanted to use examples, so I chose my worst performing site, and my best performing site from last year, so I went to Commission Junction to pull up the statistics. And I got a bit of a surprise.

May 2011 Commission

So I made $25.49 in commission off costume sales. The funniest part, is none of the costumes purchased were featured on that website. Someone went to my website, clicked a link, and ended up at the costume shop. From there, it was like shopping on Amazon: they got distracted by something else, and bought it instead. It turns out they bought some cute costumes, Queen of Hearts and a sexy version of Belle from Beauty and The Beast, and accessories. But, it’s a win win win situation for the customer, myself, and the costume shop.