Surviving Puberty

So Pet and I are driving through New Mexico, and we pass a pickup hauling a piece of farm equipment. It’s probably twice as high as the pickup, and at least as long, but the pickup’s trundling right along with it.

Then Pet speaks up. “I saw the most incredible thing today. There was this pickup hauling with this trailer, maybe half as long as our cab.”

“So like an eight foot trailer?”

“Maybe six feet. And it was hauling a telephone pole.”


“A long ass telephone pole.”

“So he has this 40 foot telephone pole on this six foot trailer? Did he have a flag?”

“Better. He had a plastic shopping bag. It was white.”

I dissolve into giggles for a few minutes. When I finally get under control, Pet goes “I should have gotten a picture. It was incredible. I have no idea how some people survive puberty.”

One thought on “Surviving Puberty

  1. lol. my bestie is a over the road trucker and i have went with him a few times. it is totally amazing what you see while your driving down the road. i bet the telephone pole would of made me giggle.

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