I know it’s quite a bit after Thanksgiving, but this is just a short post to say I survived. My Cousin of awesome +7 came down, and we had dinner at Nonny’s house. That prompted a lot of stress, but we managed in the end. I did, however, learn two very important things this Thanksgiving:

1. Sailor Jerry is a fabulous rum

2. The wishbone on a turkey must be dried before it can be snapped.

See? Very important stuff.

Pet’s mom, dad, and brother are all coming for Christmas, and Pet’s mother has offered to bring Prime Rib. My aunt Connie has also offered to let us hold Christmas dinner at her house, down the driveway, to keep Nonny out of the kitchen. I love Nonny, and I don’t mind her cooking, but when she and I are both in the kitchen, things get screwy. We’re both prone to seasoning, checking, turning, or starting the same thing at the same time. And, if you know anything about cooking, you know that dishes that are double edited don’t turn out so well. So, Connie and I will be making Christmas dinner at her house, leaving Pet and Nonny to entertain Pet’s family. chrisy’s coming again, and bringing another bottle of Sailor Jerry. It will be good times.