The End Result Of “Well, Crap”

Front of Clear, Red, and Yellow Glass DishSo, remember this post from a while ago, where I posted a picture of 3 pieces accidentally fused together?

Here’s how it looked after I cut it free, polished the rough spots, and slumped it.


And, because people always want to see the back of glass pieces (even I’m guilty of turning them over to look), here’s the back. Notice how the yellow isn’t as obvious? And the dicrohic is the tiny pieces of iridescent you see towards the center. Everyone loves dicro, bit it’s so damn expensive.


Back of Clear, Red, and Yellow Glass Dish

7 thoughts on “The End Result Of “Well, Crap”

  1. I like the colours but I’m not sure what you can do with it? is it a coaster or a vase? what can you do with it? I really do like it though!
    greetings serafina145 (swap-bot @ blog comment (3)

  2. I think this piece is great, I love creation in all it’s forms. I hope you have found a nice place to display it.
    Liz (Lizziefx – Follow Me 5)

  3. Wow, really nice. I love glass-stuff but I never made anything myself.
    SusiLetter from swap-bot Follow me 7

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