Program #2 – The Wealthy Affiliate University

The second program I joined was The Wealthy Affiliate University( WA or WAU). I’d joined a mailing list, and the gal who ran the mailing list really liked The Wealthy Affiliate, so I looked into it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to join, because I was paying for Amy’s program at the time. The price wasn’t bad back then, under $40 a month, or $29 a month if you paid up front.

I stopped waffling when they said they were going to increase the price. It’s a common internet marketing tactic, “Better join now, the price is going up SOON!” and I dismissed it for a couple days, until I got an email from them (I’d signed up for their mailing list too), and they set a date and said the price would more than double. So, after talking it over with Pet, I pulled the money out of savings, and purchased the year in advance.

The next week, the price went from under $40 a month, to nearly $100 a month. I was glad I’d decided to purchase it when I did. The price is currently $97 a month, with a cheaper option of $47 as well.

So, what is The Wealthy Affiliate? In short, it’s a large repository of information and tools, created by Kyle & Carson. In addition to hundreds of articles about a variety of Internet Marketing resources (Article Marketing, Squidoo, Pay Pet Click, SEO), there’s programs as well, like their keyword research tool, and site builder. I actually joined for the keyword research tool.

In addition to the information Kyle & Carson have made available, members can also upload and create resources for other members to use. They come in the form of articles and videos about a variety of subjects within internet marketing. All of the articles and videos and resources can be rated by members, so you can not only see everything that’s available based on your search term, but you can also see how other WA members have rated these articles, so you don’t waste your time reading a bunch of junk. It’s pretty handy.

I’ve been a member of The Wealthy Affiliate University for over 6 months now, and I have to say that I probably don’t use it as much as I should. I love the keyword tool, the WA member spaces where I can blog and comment on other people’s blogs, and I like being able to search for topics of interest. But I really don’t utilize it that much, and I should.

I don’t have a lot of bad to say about WA, it’s been pretty true to form. My only real big complaint is the amount of hype some things get. They offer WordPress Express, a quick way to get sites built in moments, with it’s own hosting. I haven’t tried it yet. It was the big thing, but a lot of people complained about the web hosting being slow. They also host the NicheQ system, which are specific niches that are always looking for people. The NicheQ options come with premade templates, PLR articles, keyword research, etc, so all you pretty much have to do is buy a domain name and set it up. The problem with the NicheQ is (at the time of this writing) there’s only so many niches available, and some of the information is out of date.

If you’re looking to get into online marketing, and you’re not sure where to start, The Wealthy Affiliate might not be the place for you. Really, you could consider it the only paid resource you’ll ever need, because it covers everything, including how to pick your first product, how to set up a website (either through the website builder or through your own hosting), what to do to promote it, and how to track sales. It will cover EVERYTHING.

The downside? It can be a little confusing, and a lot overwhelming, to get started. There are literally hundreds of articles, videos, blog posts, etc on the site, and sorting through them, or knowing exactly where to start, can overwhelm a new user. They do have a getting started guide, which will help anyone who’s feeling lost.

If you’re not a complete newbie to online marketing, you might consider looking into this program, provided you’re not currently overwhelmed with programs and offers and plans. It’s a pretty good base of information, and there’s also the forum (which I hadn’t mentioned yet) for any questions you might have. The cost is steep, but you could start out with the $47 program and then move up to the $97 program if you find you like it.

The biggest difference between the costs is that the less expensive version limits a few things. You don’t get NicheQ, you only get 100 keyword searches a month, and you don’t get access to the specialized courses or “Inside The List” Keep in mind that of that list, the only thing I use is keyword searching, and usually less than 100 a month, so you may not need to spend the extra money on the $97 version of The Wealthy Affiliate.