The Yogurt Munch Adventure

Since Pet and I have only been in the Portland area a year, and I’d been away  for more than 10 years before that, we’ve been using Groupon and Living Social deals to help us find interesting stuff in the area. Recently, I picked up a Groupon for car detailing, and Pet picked one up for a place called Yogurt Munch. I wanted an estimate for the detailing, and Pet’s yogurt deal was about to expire, so off we went.

You would think that living in a truck, and having to find places all the time would make directions a breeze, right? Not a chance.

We found the detailing place no problem, got a quote for demolding my car ($400, yikes) and set up the appointment. Then, we decided to go find Yogurt Munch and have yogurt instead of lunch. Pet pulls up directions, and it’s about 12 miles away. So off we go.

I’m not familiar with Beaverton or Hillsboro, so I made pet give me directions well in advance. We get on some busy street, and Pet goes “At the next light, turn left.”

“Left at the next light?” I ask to confirm.

“Yes, left.”

So I get in the left lane. This is a busy street, mind you.

“No, not left! I meant right!”

… busy street, curving intersection, no way to get over. So, I sit through 3 lights giving Pet shit about her other left. We get turned around, and back on the road. I head down this road for a while.

“Now, we’re looking for 117th” at least that’s what I think it was. I confirm the the street number.

I stop at a light.

“That’s the turn!”

“You said 117th, that’s <Insert Road Name Here>.” I start laughing.

“It’s the same road.” I make what’s probably an illegal right, since it had a protected turn. I’m still laughing at Pet. “Look, I didn’t know.”

I look over at the phone. “It says both the street number and the name. How could you not know. that’s twice you’ve told me the wrong thing.” At this point, I get told to shut up, but Pet’s laughing too.

We make a pit stop for fresh strawberries, and find Yogurt Munch, and a real lunch beforehand.

If you’re in Hillsboro, I really recommend Yogurt Munch. If you’ve never been to a place that sells frozen yogurt by the ounce, they’re pretty simple: you get a bowl, fill it with frozen yogurt, add toppings, and then pay based on weight.  The catch with these places is the bowl is huge, so if you fill it full, you will be paying for 2 pounds of frozen yogurt and toppiings. so be careful.

Anyway, Yogurt Munch is tucked away between a Petco and a Winco, out in Hillsboro somewhere. The link sprinkled through here is to the Yelp page, for directions. They had probably a dozen flavors of frozen yogurt: vanilla, chocolate, and then oddball ones: cheesecake cookies and cream, tart, taro, blueberry pomegranate, blood orange, and others I didn’t notice. I picked blood orange, with a tiny bit of vanilla, and it was really good. It’s also dairy free, if you avoid dairy. Pet did cheesecake, and it was super good too.

The toppings bar was a little odd. They had about a half dozen fresh fruits, including mango, which I hadn’t seen at a yogurt place before, and several things in the cold part of the bar: mochi, cheesecake, cookie dough, cookie crumbles, and boba balls. There was also sprinkles, nuts, syrups, and granola (weird). Also, a few strange addons: ever seen those mini gummi hamburgers? They had those, and these things that looked like a cross between an oreo and a whoopie pie, but pink where the frosting was.

Pet and I each oaded up on a decent portion, and it was $8.57. My crap math says that’s about 24 ounces, which means 12 ounces of frozen yum for each of us. Way more than we needed, but it was good. With our Groupon, it was $0.57 at the counter.

If you go, check out the boba balls. They’re not like the boba you get in bubble tea, where they’re firm and chewy. these are like a bubble of juice with a thin layer keeping them together. They looked pretty, and tasted better. Lynchee and strawberry were the flavors of the day when we were there, and I grabbed a big spoon of the lychee. No regrets, they were so good. The way they’d burst in your mouth and fill it with lychee was great.

Thw three drawbacks to the place are:

1. there’s no way to sample the flavors. the Yelp reviews mention you can get sample cups, but there weren’t any out when we were there. And, the place was busy, so I didn’t want to ask them if they had any. I did manage a “sample” of sorts by scraping a touch of the yogurt from the nozzles onto the edges of my bowl, and then tasting it. It was enough to get the flavor, so it helped me settle on blood orange.

2. Some of the toppings can be questionable. They had a half dozen types of granola there, which was a nice change from just candy. Some of the granola was sort of weird though, pumpkin seed and flax was one that was there. Again, reading on Yelp after we went, I discovered they pick up some of their toppings from the Winco next door in the bulk bins, so it might not be asfresh as it could be. If you go, stick to the moer popular toppings, and avoid the granola for the freshest stuff.

3. It’s loud, and they had a television playing Sponge Bob at a high volume. I realize it’s the kid’s corner, but it was uncomfortably loud back in the far corner with the yogurt machines.

In short, finding Yogurt Munch was an adventure, one I’d repeat again, and worth a repeat visit. Probably too expensive, and too far away for frequent visits, but worth a stop by if you’re in the area.