Truckstop Geese

There’s a Travel Centers of America truckstop in Wyoming with an unusual addition: geese! There’s a gaggle of about a dozen geese that have been there about as long as I can remember. They seem to be your normal garden variety geese, mostly white ones, with a couple brown spotty ones thrown in They’re also the biggest geese I’ve ever seen. Apparently truckstops help more than truckers grow an extra size or two. Their heads easily come up to my hips, and they’re the size of beach balls. They’re also completely tame, and totally nonplussed by the 40 ton trucks whizzing through the truck stop. I’ve seen them stop more than one truck while they waddle across the fuel islands on their trip from the building to the shop.

I always wanted to feed them, but Pet and I don’t usually keep bread products in the truck. But today was a different story. Today, I had most of a loaf of bread that had gone stale. And the geese were about 100 feet from where we parked. So, out I hopped, with half the bread in my hands.

I expected to have to go to them, and get their attention, but it turns out truckstop geese have some preternatural bread sense. While I was still an easy 100 feet away, the geese turned as one, and started trotting towards me. I’m betting their eyesight is not that good, so I have no idea how they knew a bread offering was approaching, but they all knew itThe approach of trotting geese should have been recorded, because it was worthy of YouTube. Have you ever seen geese hurry? I sure haven’t. But they booked it on over, and one even was flapping his wings to hurry his fat body along. I was laughing at them, and then I wondered if that was a good idea. I was chased by a couple Canada geese a few years back, so I was kind of worried that these geese would maul me for my Dave’s Killer Bread.

Instead of mauling me, they begged. I had never seen geese beg. They stood in front of me, and were hopping up and down, making eye contact, and if possible, looking hopeful. It was the funniest thing. One even went over to Pet to beg for bread, but Pet had left the rest of the loaf in the truck. I made sure each goose got some bread, and then the boldest ones who came to my feet to beg ended up with the rest.

It made my day, and since I woke up with a dehydration headache earlier today, I needed something good. When we came back from dinner, they’d wandered off, and so I left the rest of the loaf, torn into goose bite sized pieces, in a pile near a sign. I hope they find it.