Wisdom Teeth = Ouch

I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday. The best thing I can say about the last 36 hours is ouch. But, they’re out, and I won’t have to worry about them anymore.


I wasn’t planned, it just sorta happened. Pet and I had purchased a Groupon that included a basic exam, X rays, and teeth cleaning, since we didn’t have an Oregon dentist. Pet has a wisdom tooth that’s in bad shape, so we decided to bite the bullet and make appointments. We went in Tuesday, and Dr. Christiensen (however it’s spelled), gave me doom and gloom, and how I was going to end up with a horrible infection with one of my wisdom teeth, and they needed to come out soon. I had known I’d have to have them out eventually, so Pet and I both looked into appointments, and they could fit me in Wednesday. So, I went.


To avoid creeping people out, I’ll skip the details. I showed up, they gave me sedation medication, and I got the riot act, nicely, from the dentist. He said I shouldn’t have had breakfast, and he told me not to eat for X hours before the procedure. He never told me, or Pet, not to eat. And, the receptionists both agreed I should eat a light breakfast ahead of time. The dentist seemed annoyed by that, but hey, it’s his staff, they should all be on the same page about what a patient should do before an appointment.


The procedure sucked, but I’m having my teeth extracted, I expected as much. The dentist wasn’t unnecessarily rough, and the dental assistant was very nice, so it went as well as expected. I felt like hell when I was done though. The most annoying part? Finding out after I was done that I needed to schedule a follow up appointment in a week to make sure I’m healing correctly. If I take a week off to come back to the office, I’m going to lose the truck. So it’s not possible, and they needed to tell me up front, so I knew in advance.


We stopped by Rite Aid so I could get my Percoset prescription, and took me home. I got a pain pill, and went to bed. Got up about 5 hours later, managed half a cup of soup, and a glass of water, took Percoset and went back to bed. Got up this morning, took Advil again, had a cup of mint tea, slept til noon. This evening I had to take another Percoset. I didn’t want to, but I was hurting badly enough, and it had only been 5 hours since Advil. I’m trying not to use them, because I can’t work if I’m taking pain pills. I managed 2 cups of 2 this evening, and a cup of chicken noodle soup, with chicken, noodles, and veggies, and I am feeling better. I look like a chipmunk storing nuts for winter though, all swollen and funny looking.


Pet goes in on the 8th, and sometime after that I have some crowns to take care of. That’s two things I really didn’t like about this place: the dentist didn’t look much at fillings (I was told by previous dentist I needed 2), he just briskly told the assistant I needed 4 crowns, including one that I question if I needed. The other thing I didn’t like: the receptionist pushed to have me pay for all the work up front. I use CareCredit for any unpaid portions of the bill, and she wanted me to put the 4 crowns worth of work, as well as the $500 for the extraction on my CareCredit.


2 problems with that: My insurance won’t cover all of the work this year, so I’d end up paying out of pocket for 2 crowns. Second, I want a second opinion on all the crowns they suggested before I agree to any of them. I can’t say I can recommend Downtown Dental Care in Clackamas at this point, but I’ll give them another shot. Just not for a few months.