Year of Cakes – Cake 2

I meant to have my second cake up in May, but life keeps getting in the way.

I made this one for my step mother, Phyllis. Her birthday was in January (I know, posting 6 months late), and the one thing you should know about Phyllis is that she loves gardening. Seriously loves gardening. She’s turned my grandfather’s large auxillery garden into a flower and fruit garden, and she’s wedded and pruned and planted all long the driveway from their place up to the junction in the driveway where my grandmother’s splits off. Gardening is Phyllis’ life.

I knew I wanted to put a flower on her cake. Originally, I thought about covering the cake in buttercream, then modeling chocolate in a nice bright shade of yellow. Then I was going to make a big flower to put on top.

It didn’t happen quite like that.

I didn’t have the time to put that much work into the cake, and I was terrified I’d mess it up. So I tinted the buttercream yellow, and then went on youtube looking for flower tutorials I could do. At the time I only had a few tips, so I settled on a chrysanthemum. I made them on sheets of baking parchment, put them in the freezer to set up, and then carefully peeled them off the paper and set them on.

Here it is!

Birthday cake for step mother: yellow frosting with pink ribbon border and chrysanthemums

I never found out if she liked the cake or not. I think she’d be too polite to tell me if she didn’t like it.